Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Well hello Blogger world. I'm back (hooray). At least for the moment. I can't predict when I'll disappear again. But yeah. Hi.
I'm kinda sick right now, and I've missed two days of school. It may not seem like much, but work piles on absolutely too fast for my pace. And then I just feel the need to pile on the anime and manga to top it off. I mean, I'm already reading Death Note because I've already seen the anime and I wanted to see what the manga was like, and I just felt compelled to re-watch Soul Eater, and re-read Full Moon o Sagashite. What is wrong with me?
Not to mention that I've already started so many animes from back in 2011 that I can't keep up with the ones I've started in between, or the ones I keep adding to my to-watch list. #Insanity
And then for some reason I keep re-watching animes like an idiot... Like Inuyasha, The Daughter of Twenty Faces, Peach Girl.... That list goes on and on and on. Then while I'm trying to keep up on anime, I'm trying to keep up on homework/projects/etc. It gets soooo stressful and irritating. Go die homework! Jump into a bonfire! Sheesh! I'm trying to listen to Naruto making a fool of himself hilariously!
Oh, and of course I need to keep up on drawing so my skills won't get any worse than they already are. Pfft. I'm a mess.
But on the bright side I am learning how to make Polymer clay crafts. I've already made quite a few, and am looking forward to making more. So far most of them have been unoriginally created by me, but I've done a few on my own, like my jack-in-the-box and my mp3 player, even the ladybug. I also want to try making Takuto and Meroko from Full Moon and Soul's headband emblem from Soul Eater. One things for sure, I'll definitely be keeping busy for a while.
Spring Break cannot come soon enough.

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