Thursday, March 22, 2012

(Insert title here)

So, hello again. It’s been awhile. Like, two or three weeks. Nothing’s really changed for me, but what about you? How are you today? Fantastic I hope.
Even though I know absolutely no one reads this blog I keep posting to, I feel compelled to share the things I do and things I feel during the day with the internet. Is that strange? Hmm. (something to think about)
I’ve been writing some poetry recently. It’s not like I didn’t already, but I’m going to try to write something new almost every day. It sounds difficult, but I really enjoy writing, so I think I’ll just have fun with it. ^///^
So, I think I really want to see The Lorax. I used to love Dr. Seuss books when I was little, so I think I’ll really like it. I was supposed to see it on March 5th, my birthday, but it didn’t happen. My mother hasn’t taken me anywhere yet. Two weeks late mom, two weeks! Oh, and regarding my last blog post about my birthday, my dad didn’t forget, thank god, and neither did my cousin, or the like. I was really overjoyed at that. I really thought he would forget, I was panicking the whole day before, and the whole day I was at school while it was my birthday. I was quite relived.
So, I started Bakemonogatari. It really screws with your mind, honestly. But altogether I’m enjoying it fully. Not currently reading any manga, but I finished After School Nightmare, and it was really amazing. Unlike anything I’ve ever read before. I also read/watched Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, and I would definitely recommend the manga more than the anime. Not saying the anime was bad, but it left out a lot of important details and changed things around so much that you would miss if you only watched the anime instead.
(Btw, the author’s name is Arina Tanemura. I really love her manga. I would also recommend The Gentleman’s Alliance Cross and FullMoon o Sagashite by her as well.)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hot Damn

Wow, where does the time go?
My birthday is today. WHAT? When did this happen? I was not aware of this!
Just kidding.
But I'm pretty sure my dad forgot my birthday. And my cousin, my step-mom, and everyone else but my Grandma. Even though I never forget their's. Go figure.
But I guess I won't know for sure. But then again, on Facebook my birthday is marked and I really don't feel like taking it down, so I guess they can just say "Oh hey, it's -----'s birthday. I'll pretend I actually cared enough to remember and post another shitty wall post! YAYYYY."
That's scarily accurate.
14. Now that's a scary number. But one year older, and next year it'll be fifteen, which will be, by then, another scary number.
My way of thinking sure is ridiculous.