Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holy Hamtaro in a Toaster Oven

Holy Christ, its been how long?
Well, lucky you, reader. I have so much to discuss with you~

Be prepared.

So I've been back in school from Winter Break for just 2 days. Only two days and things have already started going horribly, horribly wrong.
(Since I last posted I have already gone into high school and now the school year is half over... Bejeezus time flies)
I've just been crying and moping around my room for the past three days.
First was when I found out that within the next year/two years one of my best friends will be moving to Maine....
Then finding out that that very same friend is in a huge conflict with another best friend... that started over another person...
Its pretty complicated. And my heart has been feeling like its being ripped to shreds.
So much crying. Too much crying, really. Three straight nights. Christ.

Well, one of these friends is going to be staying at my house for a few days.... starting this weekend. And it took me until just now to realize that it would be incredibly impossible for her to come over on Friday unless I wanted to pick her up at fucking midnight.
My drama class is going on an outing to see an actual official performance of Mary Poppins and we'll be staying out until about.... 11:30. Fuck. Why didn't I think about it? .__.

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