Thursday, December 18, 2014


So I'm right in the middle of exams now.
It's all so useless, really.
If you need an end-of-semester exam to tell yourself and the school how well you're teaching your students, you're obviously not doing it right.
Anyway, I have Algebra next, and all I'm doing is waiting around for the last lunch to be over.
I hate when the schedule changes around like this. Why can't we pick what lunch we have??
It's so stupid. Do they just expect everyone to be friends and not have the difficulty of having to find somewhere to sit? I swear, this school is run by complete idiots.
Oh well. Only one more day after this for exams, then I'm home free for a few weeks.
I can't wait for Christmas. I'll get to see my dad, and I'll be away from this hellish state.
I hate it here.
But I mostly hate this damn school.

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