Monday, February 16, 2015

just to vent a little

My friend's parents are assholes. Seriously.
Sometimes, I'll admit, my friend does give them an unnecessary attitude.
But holy fuck, they treat her like shit.
And now that they have a new baby, it just got worse.
Right now as I'm typing this, they're in a different room bitching to each other about her. Like they can't just say shit around someone else.
And her dad was talking about getting rid of her cats, just because she didn't clean the litter box the second they told her to. It's really fucking annoying.

I feel bad for her. She doesn't even get her own room in this house. Her "room" is this living room space in a one-bedroom duplex house, so she doesn't even have her own space and she constantly has to be in the presence of them.
And EVERY TIME they are screaming at each other, or their baby is crying, or they want to watch something (and they turn that shit up loud as fuck), she always has to put up with it.

I wish there was something I could do. I could let her stay at my house when she wants, but right now a bunch of my family are staying there.

Everything pretty much sucks all around.

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